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Belly Dancing – A New Fun Way to Keep Fit

Belly Dancing – A New Fun Way to Keep Fit….To many people belly dancing conjures up images of Middle Eastern mystical ladies dancing around in veils and sequin studded costumes. And while the colorful costumes have captured the imagination of women in the western world, belly dancing is also fast becoming an addictively fun way to meet new people and stay fit.

Throughout the west and particularly in the US and the UK there are now many establishments and individual trainers offering belly dancing lessons. Belly dancing groups are sprouting up all over and there has been a dramatic rise in belly dancing acts in clubs and for private functions.

In some areas you’ll find belly dancing troupes and tribal belly dancing tribute acts all competing for audiences and venues. So why is this particular dance fast becoming very popular, and not just with the ladies?

The answer is the social scene, fun and fitness. It’s similar to the reasons why people in their droves joined line dancing classes in the past few decades. The fun was to dress up in cowboy or cowgirl outfits and dance as a team. So it is with belly dancing groups, only the costumes are much more colourful.

Contrary to popular belief you don’t need to have a big or flabby belly to perform this dance. The movements are focused on the hips and lower back and therein lies the health benefits of performing this routine. Many people, usually later in life, will experience problems with their hips and regions of the lower back, so this exercise is just what the doctor ordered.

Other health benefits include an even, all over body toning, and the aerobic element of the dance helps to increase the metabolic rate and blood circulation. It would also help anyone who experiences stiffness in muscles and joints. Generally, any physical movement of the body, as in dancing, is better for your health than none at all.

Many of us spend far too much time sitting in front of computers and driving cars, so a few hours a week spent dancing has got to be almost as good as a workout in the gym.

Before you consider joining a class, you might want to try out the various routines at home first. There are some very good training videos on the subject suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels, and all cover the various styles and techniques.

If you’re a little shy and think you might make a fool of yourself then learning at home is the answer. Then when you feel confident enough you can join a club or classes in your local area and impress everyone with your new found skills. Your friends and family will be impressed to.

And don’t forget to keep an eye on your improving body shape as you progress through the lessons. There’s no better incentive to keep on belly dancing than seeing a dramatic change to your figure and feeling a lot healthier too.

Finally, belly dancing is suitable for women of all ages but it is also practised by men too. At least it is in the Middle East, so it won’t be long before western men decide to get in on the act. Why not get your man involved now and double the fun?

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