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The History Of Belly Dancing

Originally called raqs sharqi, or oriental dance, the form has evolved into an individual kaleidoscope of various dance forms and genres, with each dancer adding their own unique attributes and skills to the basic foundation moves.

This phenomenon has given rise to several new styles in the West, tribal belly dance, gothic belly dance, fusion belly dance, and most recently owing to the Victorian era and military fascination, steampunk belly dance. These unique styles combine other dance forms to create subtle movement and costuming differences within the overall genre.

Arabian Belly Dancing

While many different forms of dance seem to reach height of popularity for a mere year or two. There are few that have moved throughout the ages, and have lasted throughout every diverse culture and society within the world. One of these seemingly timeless dances is the art of Arabian belly dancing.

A form of dance that is speculated to be as old as the human civilization itself. Not only was it popular throughout many different cultures, it has begun to conjure the imagination of many modern-day belly dancers as well.

However, despite it’s popularity among the belly dancers in the western world, as well as all across many great nations. Many people still aren’t quite sure what the differences are, and what Arabian dancing really is.

Belly Dance Lessons

So you want to learn to belly dance? Wonderful! But did you realize there are at least three distinct styles of belly dance being taught in the English-speaking world today?

Most women (myself included) stumble onto an instructor or studio, sign up for a class, and continue forever after in whatever style they found by chance. But wouldn’t it be more fun and interesting to understand the basic differences so you could choose the one that suits your personality?

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